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The Beauty Wand with FREE Mask

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The Beauty Wand with FREE Mask

Say Hello to Your Newest Holy Grail!

The Beauty Wand - 5-in-1 Multifunctional RF Device

Achieve that radiant-after spa glow (without the high cost and waiting time) from the comfort of your home!

This multi-functional beauty device effectively targets and improves various skin care concerns. No matter how little time you have, this device will help reduce those fine lines & wrinkles, better absorb your favorite serums to brighten your skin, help with collagen regeneration and lift/ contour your facial skin, and help to clear acne!

How can the Beauty Wand benefit me?

This beauty device operates with unique deeper stimulating effects which can generate collagen, tighten skin and has remarkable effects of improving skin's overall appearance.

✅ Red l Anti-Aging: Promotes blood circulation and collagen regeneration to enhance skin elasticity. 

✅ Pink l Lead In Nutrition: Improves blood circulation and strengthens the absorption of beauty essences resulting to brighter skin.

✅ Green l Deep Cleaning: Dilutes pigmentation, dark spots, freckles and improves overall skin color. 

✅ Blue l Acne Treatment: Kills bacteria, promotes blood circulation, skincare products for acne. 

✅ Yellow l Lift and Facial Contour: Stimulates the lymphatic system, restores the balance of sensitive skin. 


How To Use:

You can choose one function to use or all functions (as needed). We recommend using the wand 2-3 days a week, but it is safe for daily use.

After your usual cleansing and toning routine, choose a color in your Beauty Wand that best suits your need.

✦ Greenincorporate in your cleansing routine. Use with your fave cleanser or makeup remover for optimal results.

✦ Yellow: use with aloe gel or face mask.

✦ Pink: apply serum and use pink light for about 5mins. Apply your moisturizer and use the remaining time on the wand.

✦ Red: use with your fave serum & anti-aging moisturizer.

Blueapply your acne cream & let the wand (blue light) sit on the area to be treated for about 10 secs. Repeat on skin area with acne.


*Note: Video guide also available on our Instagram.


Package Includes:

1x Beauty Wand 

1x Charging Cable

1x Charging Dock/ Base

Instruction Manual

1yr Manufacturer's Warranty




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